Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The birth of a goblin

First off for this post to make since you need to have been following the greedy goblin fairly regularly.

So here I was a few week's ago sitting at 300g after a progression night on my entire account. Now I followed the greedy goblin a lot, and noticed some of the things he was doing and decided it wouldn't hurt to try. So I dusted off the old mage, and listed about 40 bag's figuring I would take a loss, so I logged off for dinner and about an hour and a half later I logged back in to a full mail box and an empty AH, there was an 80g profit yay! So then I really started looking more into the AH, and have found some things that sell really really well and have been manipulating the market for the past week or two for a wopping 9k profit...

Also my mage is becoming a regular old goblin on his own, stealing a really nice ulduar cape from the shaman, and also a good pair of gloves the day before, but oh well he is already ulduar 25 gear without even stepping foot past the anti-chamber in ulduar. pretty sad isnt it.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Late Night Shenanigans

So it was turning late a few nights ago, and we were running some reg ToC run's and finished ported back to dalarn. So on my mage I went to go sit in my normal seat to enjoy a night of talking on vent and wow... until someone was in it... some stupid pally then it became a game, joined by a few other guildies it became a night full of late night pranks. We all decided to follow a random alliance pally, wich was hillarious but was even better when he got into our group just to DI someone and commit suicide. Then we followed another random stranger for a few, until we decided to get a lock and get into the horde only inn and say hello to the hordies, and generally goof around until the wee hours of the morning, more story to come of this......

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

UI's, Speed runs, and Ulduar oh my!

So after about 4 years of WoW on and off I finally got to the point where I wanted something different with my UI, so with the help from a friend I decided to change the look of my UI by a ton.... its not as hard as it looks, and is really helpful for raids when you finish it, of course mine isnt as racey as ahm's is but it gets the job done all the same.

Also during the past week or so, a few of us have been pushing really hard to run speed run's of heroics for easy epics.. to view a list of times and the racey UI look here Stories Of The Tentacled Mind. Speed run's are a blast to do, the only problem now is that we have been ramping down a lot, expecially on raid days when there is raid prep to do, bosses to preview ect.... and a lot of people are still wanting us to clear every heroic every day, which is fine if there was no door boss at all.

Finally Finally our guild managed to drop freya in ulduar on friday night.... let me give you a run down of the fight..
wipe 1
raid leader wanted us to control burn the 3 add's and drop them one at a time... wipe
wipe 2
same strat. except with 2 healers... wipe
wipe 3
another controlled burn but with assigned groups.... wipe
finally on I think the 4th attempt, our raid leader said in a PG way basically "Fuck it just burn them down and we will see what happens"
easy epics. so I guess the fuck it additude really does work sometimes..

Friday, August 14, 2009

Huge thank you to everyone

Well I have to type this thank you to everyone, as of last night according to wow-heroes, I have managed to sneak into the top 20 overall gear score for alliance resto shaman's, now I know a lot of people say that gear score doesn't mean a lot. But they have to realize for a casual raider, and in a casual raid guild getting to this point is a HUGE accomplishment, and it's not just gear score, new content came out recently (trial of the crusaider) and as a guild we managed to clear it in 3 tries, and then to ice the cake so to speak Sholderguards of the Spirit Walker drop, and by shear luck and I think in some cases pitty from my jaw hitting the floor that I managed to get them as an upgrade. It's amazing what it takes to get someone to this point in the game, and I just have to thank everyone who pushed, pulled, dragged, and helped in any way shape or form to get me to where I am. So from the bottom of my heart thank you.

New Patch New shaman

Well it has been a long time since I have wrote anything on here, so this might turn into a long post to start off I am no longer a melee dps'er I have switched spec's into healing and have never looked back. Let's see progress into ulduar has been very slow only major achievement is that we cleared hodir after some trial and error and even managed to snag Cheese the freeze along the way. Thought that was great for us.

Let's see 3.2 has rolled around since the last time I posted so figure I might as well elaborate on those changes
  • Changes to riptide are amazing and a great situational tool for us now, old style i was at a .68 second LHW cast that was completely wasted, under the new set up my LHW crit is just over 62% and my HW cast time is at 1.3 seconds, or 1.15ish with a trinket proced (did notice in 10 man buffed with both trinkets up im at a .997 cast time).
  • IWS now proc's off of chain heal jumps, this has already proven to be a HUGE benefit to our mana regan, found myself casting a lot of chain heals when I was only healer up on phase 3 of ToC and could have pretty much casted endlessly.
  • Gear from badges, im happy/sad/indifferent from the changes, they have benefited me greatly I am currently in the top 20 overall resto shaman's on ther server (big prop's to everyone) but it makes it easy for bad players to get good gear and that is just wrong.
Let's see thats about all the info I can think of currently.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Naxx 10 fail group, and Ulduar day 1

So went to ulduar last night with the guild, was healing along with our other shammy (green lines of life ftw) and another pally healer. Went extremely smooth no-one died on FT, Only I died on XT (evil evil bombs ftl) and we cleared 2 more bosses after an attempt or two. Had a blast and goes to show how a good group can do good things together.

On the the main topic of the night, Just left a PuG'd naxx10 run. Was hoping to pick up my T7 sholders, and leg's but NOOOO!!!! I started off healing with 2 tree's. Starting on patchwork went fine killed him 30 seconds short of his enrage, so we were a little low on dps but heals/tanks were fine. Grob we wiped on once, due to people not watching clouds. 2nd time went just fine. Then gluth.. FAIL epic fail, wiped 3 times, decided to go to arachnid. Couldnt even kill the first boss, with a pally bitching at me because my heals wern't high enough, told me to go dps. (mind you pally wouldnt buff anyone and was barely doing 1100dps) switched to dps, 2400dps ftw (not a lot but topped dmg charts) and got bitched at again, this time for dieing because I had to try to keep add's of healers!!! Yay! I don't know why I still pug content lol. Guess im to spoiled over guild run's.

Monday, July 6, 2009

PuG's 25 man content, and guild naxx day 2

So yesterday before naxx10 I pugged up a 25 man OS, they said they needed a dps and i figured why not it doesnt take to long to do. Once I got there a healer had to drop out and the raid leader asked if I could heal instead, which was fine, loot rolls were as followed roll for main spec. Now I assumed that since I started the run dps and switched to healers out of the benifit of the raid I would be able to roll for dps. Well the run went really smoth finished it in under 25min. Then loot gets started they start with my teir token. We start rolling for it when he asked, and I rolled a 98 woot! But wait, we still had a guild member of his dead (hunter) and since he was dead no rolls counted, we all had to re-roll (just me and him) and he beat me on the 2nd roll. Okay at this point I was pissed, then loot continued. A really good melee dps trinket dropped, and again I rolled really high (95 i think, RNG loved me that run). But wait, 2nd place was a DK guildy of his that rolled a 90 and then bitched about a healer rolling for melee dps trinket, when clearly I joined the raid as melee dps and melee dps is my main spec, so I got screwed out of all the loot from os25 and was in a really bad mood and going to guild naxx10 where about 6 of the people running day 2 are new to naxx, or new to me running with them

Started with spider's. Wasn't watching time was sulking in my own little world, next thing I know 45 minutes in we cleared spider's (and a 5 min boss explination before each boss). Then plague the dance of course was a bitch, ended up with MT, OT, one ranged dps and me healing the last 30% yay! but cleared it just fine, and even thaddius died quick, although healing thaddius is a brain overload for me. Killed gluth in 2 tries thanks to our lock swapping to his druid for another tank.

Starting naxx day 3 tonight hopefully going to drop Saph and KT tonight, wish me luck for my upgrade fist weapon and maybe helm tonight!!!