Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The birth of a goblin

First off for this post to make since you need to have been following the greedy goblin fairly regularly.

So here I was a few week's ago sitting at 300g after a progression night on my entire account. Now I followed the greedy goblin a lot, and noticed some of the things he was doing and decided it wouldn't hurt to try. So I dusted off the old mage, and listed about 40 bag's figuring I would take a loss, so I logged off for dinner and about an hour and a half later I logged back in to a full mail box and an empty AH, there was an 80g profit yay! So then I really started looking more into the AH, and have found some things that sell really really well and have been manipulating the market for the past week or two for a wopping 9k profit...

Also my mage is becoming a regular old goblin on his own, stealing a really nice ulduar cape from the shaman, and also a good pair of gloves the day before, but oh well he is already ulduar 25 gear without even stepping foot past the anti-chamber in ulduar. pretty sad isnt it.

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